Sponsorship Programme

Our Child Sponsorship Programme is design to offer financial support to children orphans from the primary school to the senior secondary level. The support package entails school books and writing materials, fees, uniform as well as meals at school. The funding and support are generated presently from our partners in Germany. We identify these orphans and have their profiles sent to our partners, who intern look for sponsors.

In steering this programme, we put the welfare of the orphans first that is why we instituted control measures in close cooperation with partners to ensure  high efficiency of the programme, that serves the key interest of both sponsors and receipients. Frequent visits are paid to the children at home and school to ensure that unforeseen issues arising that turn to work against smooth running of the programme are addressed. Furthermore, once in a year we provide progress report on children to our partners in Germany who inturn have them sent to sponsors.

Please find details of  the overview of the Child Sponsorship Programme’s operation here.

Finally, our work with the grass-roots gives us a clear picture as to what is really happening in these rural communities. In short we say "much work in these areas" still need to be done. As result, we will be really very greatful, if support is extended to us in this line of our operation.  For further information please contact us.

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