Education Programme

This area of our portfolio concentrates presently on supporting rural communities, which are disadvantaged in terms of education and vocational facilities. Our engagement in these communities have given us the opportunity to ascertain, where they can urgently be supported. Due to scarcity of needed funding, we prioritize our activities in close cooperation with our partners by first considering high-rated-urgency projects.

It is based on this selection criterium that is why we are supporting the town Tsikudokope and its surrounding communities to build a primary school. The situation in this community is that children have  to walk about 10 km each day to and from school. With our partners, we are building a primary school, so that these young children get supported to attend school close to their homes. This will eventually motivate them to attend school more frequently as compared with the situation of the distance they face currently.  When these children are old enough they can walk themselves to the next available school.

Right now, the school project is ongoing.  More support is needed financially to help us finish it. We really appreciate all lending hands in any form. Please contact us for further information.


Our School