About Us

CDV Ghana aim broadly to promote the socio-economic development of the rural poor in the Volta Region. Our operation methods focus generally on grassroot-oriented approaches. We use demand-led and self-help strategies that paths the way to community development as well as reduction of poverty. Since healthy people make healthy community, our  core activites are planned and structured so that generated outcomes have high impact. We have realised that strategic approach and solutions tailored to local circumstances are fundamental to successful local development policy. This is what we hold in high esteem.

Members are from different proffesional groups.


 Kick against Rural Poverty.

Mission Statement

Assist deprived rural communities to use their knowledge, abilities, skills and resources to improve their quality of life by providing the needed resources and leadership.

Core Values

Abide by code of ethics of the agency.

Ensure  trustworthiness, transparency, accountability, integrity towards all our stakeholders.

Ensure quality of life for the rural poor through provision of needed resources and leadership.

Broad Objectives

Support children to fulfill their basic rights to level of education.

Educate rural community on a range of environmental and health issues.